Besides fences and gates, we also produce and install wooden shelters. These five-star wooden hotels for your pet blend in perfectly with our other creations. 


Our stables are designed to put the safety of your horse first, due to the indestructible concrete plywood and the strong, durable wood we use. A shelter in impregnated whitewood is a price-conscious and eco-friendly choice, with a 20-year anti-rot guarantee. Or choose European oak: this wood belongs to a slightly higher price range, but will last a lifetime. 

Functionality and appearance

A wooden stable from De Sutter Naturally is not just a luxury: your animals use the shelter both at night and during the day. It is a place where other outdoor animals such as ponies, sheep, goats or alpacas also find the necessary shelter from rain, wind, cold, sunlight, heat and insects. 
The key aspect of these shelters is functionality, although they also add visual value to your property. Small, large, modern or classic: extra standing for your field guaranteed. In short, a must-have for your animal and your field.