Gate automation, a must-have

A wooden gate from De Sutter Naturally is a very beautiful and durable choice. For lifelong enjoyment. And because your comfort is important to us, we also offer automation of gates. Automation can be underground, overhead, or in the case of a sliding gate with a special motor with a toothed bar on the gate.  

High demands are placed on the automation of a wooden gate. Not only automatic opening and closing but also safety and reliability are very important. We therefore choose electromechanical systems that work flawlessly in all weather conditions, have a short opening time and a mechanical lock that cannot be forced from the outside. The necessary detectors ensure that the gate does not close when a person or object is going through.  

We can suggest the most suitable automations for each setup. Together, we will find the best automation for your gate. 

Automatic driveway gate opener

Overhead automation 

Bormet MCH450 

This system is used for wooden gates that catch a lot of wind. Bam Bormet's overhead motor MCH 450 is very powerful and therefore extremely suitable for closed or open wooden gates with a wing width and height of 2 metres and more. This system is electromechanical, fast, shows no wear and works in all weather conditions. The two motors with articulated arms ensure firm locking. Electronic control box, remote control antenna and photocell protection are always included. Suitable for intensive use. 


This motor is suitable for smaller gates up to 3m50 without openings or open gates up to 4m. This system is electromechanical, fast, shows no wear and works in all weather conditions. The two motors with articulated arms ensure firm locking. Electronic control box and antenna for remote control and photocell protection is always included. 

An underground automation system for a sliding wooden gate

Underground automation 

Underground automation is suitable for gates up to 3m50 and consists of two motors in the ground with stainless steel boxes. Underground motors require a little more maintenance and are a little more expensive, but look more aesthetically pleasing and are space-saving. Furthermore, they offer the same functionalities as the overhead ones. 


Automatic sliding wooden gate

Sliding gate automation 

For our sliding gates, we use a special motor with a toothed bar on the gate. An automatic delay is built into the control of the motor so that the gate closes softly. Electronic control takes place in the motor cabinet. We work with a stainless steel top guide with bearing wheels. Can be used for both sliding gates on rail and self-supporting sliding gates

A gate access control system

Control and security 

Some of the many options for controlling and securing your gate include photocell protection, emergency power supply, partial opening, automatic closing, control via smartphone or integration in your home automation. As an option, you can choose a numerical code or electronic key to open the gate without a remote control or to grant access to other persons. It is also possible to provide a detection loop in the ground to open the gate automatically when driving out. Really comfortable! 

A motorized electrical drop bolt

Motorized electrical drop bolt 

Our Locinox motorized electrical drop bolt provides secure locking of automated gates. This relieves drive motors that are subjected to additional loads due to e.g. wind pressure.