Integrated letterbox 

Your domain is locked and secured with your new gate. But how can you receive your mail? Simple: with a letterbox, embedded in the gate posts or behind the gate leaf. From now on, you won't even have to bother the neighbours with your products ordered online. The delivery man can easily deliver them to you in your own parcel box, incorporated into the post of your gate. 

When choosing an integrated letterbox, the style of the letterbox not only matches the style of your gate, it is also very practical. You won’t lose extra space to a separate letterbox and it is easier to mow the grass around it or weed, for example. 

House number 

A gate is often the place of choice to make your house number clearly visible. This saves visitors and the postman a lot of searching. How the house number is designed and what material it is made of will determine the entire look of your gate.  

Stainless steel house numbers coated in a RAL colour are a nice option. With a 3D house number, you instantly give your gate a modern look. Especially when the size of the house number is a bit larger, it can be a real eye-catcher. We give the house number considerable depth with spacers, creating a 3D effect. House numbers can be provided in the same style as the finish of the letterbox. 

You can see all the different styles of house numbers in our showroom. Be sure to pay us a visit and thus match the choice of accessories to the style of your gate for a nice-looking design.