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An elegant garden gate with vertical narrow posts

This wooden garden gate is the ideal stylish way to fence your garden or garden path. The narrow vertical posts of our Cottage model make sure the gate stops children and pets from getting through. You can choose between Densiforce® Red Pine or tropical hardwood. Both options have an extremely long lifespan, and only become more beautiful over the years. A beautiful addition to your property.


  • Densiforce® Red Pine, kiln-dried before impregnation for maximum product saturation.


  • Tropical hardwood which turns a beautiful grey over the years, making it acquire a beautiful patina.
  • The wood is dried, planed and milled to ensure a good fit and strong joints.
  • Available in different widths and in a single or double setup.
  • For a longer service life, we only use stainless steel safety bolts and the top rail is slanting.


Width x Height
1m 1m
1m50 1m


  1. Made from durable tropical hardwood or Densiforce® Red Pine
  2. Custom-made, available in different dimensions
  3. Timeless, rustic appearance 

Our approach

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