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Post & Rail Modern

Garden fence with rural look with square posts

The modern version of our Post & Rail fence gives your (horse) field or woodland a beautiful authentic and natural look. Made of Robinia wood (Acacia), the hardest and most durable wood species in Europe. The posts are planed square, and the boards slide through them without the use of nails or screws. This is more solid and provides absolute safety.


  • Fencing with a an authentic, natural look.
  • The posts and boards are made of Robinia (also known as Acacia), the most durable wood species that grows in Europe.
  • Without the use of nails and screws, safe for humans and animals on both sides.
  • Thanks to its high density, this wood can be installed untreated.
  • You will enjoy this horse fence for at least 20 years without maintenance. 


1m20 to 1m30 2 boards


  1. Rural fence with bevelled post tops
  2. Beautiful, durable Robinia 
  3. 20 years maintenance-free


Electricity - live wire that protects both the fence and the animals


The fence is provided with a live wire that protects both the fence and the animals. The electricity prevents the animals from gnawing and scraping the wood. We can protect the gate electrically as well. The circuit will be installed with either ring insulators or W-insulators.

Wire mesh on the fence

We equip your fence with professionally stretched wire mesh. Due to the small meshes, you can keep not only horses but also other animals (small animals, poultry, etc.) in the pasture, or prevent other animals from entering. Our wire mesh is available in different heights.

Our approach

De Sutter Naturally offers the best care, protection and safety for your four-legged friend, excellent service for you and added value for your property.