De Sutter Naturally | Wooden arena fencing| Dressage ring: safety guaranteed with the continuous top rail | Impregnated softwood

Dressage arena

Exclusive wooden training ring for dressage

A De Sutter Naturally wooden dressage arena is a stylish and durable solution for the marking of your dressage arena. The solid connection between posts and boards and the absence of nails or screws also make your paddock extra safe. Not only safe, but also visually appealing: the best quality pine wood has a beautiful authentic look and requires no maintenance. You can also choose for durable top-grade hardwood, which requires no maintenance for at least 30 years.


  • A different version of our Square field fence or the Royal Tropic fence.
  • The posts and boards of the dressage ring are smoothly planed.
  • This horse fence will last you for 20 to 30 years (depending on your choice of wood), without any maintenance. 


  1. Wooden dressage ring with authentic look
  2. Made of durable pine or tropical hardwood
  3. Maintenance-free for years


Gravel boards

Gravel boards

Finish your horse arena with gravel boards or gravel planks. This will provide your riding arena with a beautiful and natural boundary.

Our approach

De Sutter Naturally offers the best care, protection and safety for your four-legged friend, excellent service for you and added value for your property.