Wolves have returned. Are your grazing animals at risk?
Wire mesh
After having disappeared from central Europe for more than a hundred years, there are wolves again in Flanders. Thanks to a transmitter around the neck, we have been able to follow the movements of the female Limburg wolf Naya closely since the beginning of 2018. It is possible there are other wolves, without transmitters, in our country. Wolves are predators, which means that they may pose a threat to small livestock and poultry in your field. We give you some tips in advance to protect your animals.

Firstly, we must consider it as something wonderful that the wolf has returned in our country. This proves that our biodiversity is moving in the right direction once again. Naturally, we also have to watch out for our own animals. For example, we want to deter wolves from getting into our fields, without harming the animal.

Wolves are natural predators. They have an excellent sense of smell, meaning they can sniff out prey from several hundred metres away. Wolves hunt red deer, roe deer and wild boars, but rabbits, hares and birds also find their way onto the menu.

It goes without saying that domesticated goats, sheep, ornamental pigs, ... are potentially victims for a hungry wolf. If these are trapped in a meadow, they cannot possibly escape once the wolf has got in.

How do you keep a wolf out of your field?
You can keep wolves out using a variety of measures. It all starts with fencing that uses sturdy and properly tensioned wire mesh. Sufficiently tall wire mesh prevents wolves from getting into the field too easily. This may not be sufficient with the passage of time to stop a hungry wolf - this calls for additional measures.

Electrical wires and security lights
In that case, electrical wires and security lights are excellent tools. Electricity is very efficient at deterring wild animals. The same goes for security lights. If an animal crosses a particular zone, the light comes on automatically. The animal runs off immediately, so the danger goes away.

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